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Free installation of solar power for manufacturing plants
Invest in solar power system 0VND

Why should the factory choose a free solar power installation solution?

Free solar installation solution

What businesses need to participate in this Program?

Minimum power: 600KW

Minimum installed capacity: 600KW, the factory must buy 90-95% of the electricity produced

The selling price of electricity is 15-25% cheaper than that of EVN.

The price of electricity is 15-25% cheaper than that of EVN, about 8-12% in the Central and Southern regions, and about 8-12% in the North.

Business information to provide

Business registration license, financial statement, construction permit, fire protection, electricity bill 6 months.

The roof structure meets the standards

The roof area is large enough (from 3600m2 or more), good roof structure

The procedure is very simple

The whole process is fast, tight and does not affect the production and business of the enterprise

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