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Solar power maintenance service

Does a solar power plant (solar) need to be operated and maintained (O&M)?

Solar power plants generate a lot of electricity and are effective when the investor uses good quality equipment and installs the system correctly, but basic solar power equipment is also an electronic device. Over the years, there will definitely be damage, any device can have errors such as technical errors, errors caused by external influences from humans, dusty panels, ... this directly affects This affects the life of the equipment and interrupts the generation of electricity, causing loss of income for the investor. So work O&M is especially important for solar power plants and farms to detect and promptly handle errors to help the system operate continuously, safely and effectively.

At Lithaco, operation and maintenance (O&M) services include the following activities:

System maintenance and repair

  • Restoration of the solar power system
  • Repair and replacement of equipment
  • Management of spare parts

Factory maintenance

  • Cleaning solar panels
  • Control shading, obstacles blocking sunlight
  • Maintenance of fences, internal working floors
Monitoring and tracking solar power system
  • Monitor the performance of the solar power system
  • Error detection and system diagnostics
  • Periodic inspection and assessment at the factory (according to the maintenance schedule)
  • Monitor the factory remotely via Camera (Access to the Investor's surveillance camera system to monitor)

System preventive maintenance

  • Maintenance of Inverter, connection points, filters,….
  • Maintenance of DC, AC, MCCB connection cabinets
  • Check the panels and MC4 connections
  • The system of supporting frames, hanging bowls, clamps, walkways, etc.
  • Check the grounding system, lightning protection, electrical circuits
  • Check transformers and switchgear

Operation and maintenance costs of solar power plants?

Lithaco, with a team of experienced engineers and technicians, has dealt with many problems with solar power systems, so Lithaco's operating and maintenance package costs will certainly be much lower than when the investor hires them technical fixation to do the operation and maintenance that benefits the investor get back more.


Bảng báo giá vệ sinh pin năng lượng mặt trời

Công suất hệ thốngGiá vệ sinh tấm pin + Kiểm tra hệ thống
 Từ 5Kwp – 15Kwp800.000 – 2.000.000đ/lần
Từ 16Kwp – 30Kwp2.100.000 – 3.000.000đ/lần
Từ 35kwp – 50Kwp3.500.000đ/lần
Trên 50KwpLiên hệ 1900252527 để được giá tốt nhất

Do you need advice on operation and maintenance services for solar power plants?