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The importance of clean room – cleanroom

According to ISO 14644-1: “Cleanroom is a room in which the concentration of suspended particles in the air is controlled. In addition, cleanrooms are constructed and used in such a way that the presence, production and retention of particles in this room are minimized. Along with that, other factors in the room such as humidity, temperature, and pressure can all be controlled and controlled.”

Cleanroom - cleanroom has become an important part of factories in developed countries. However, in Vietnam, this is still a fairly new concept, but there are also many factories that have built clean rooms - cleanrooms to meet strict standards for products of business partners in Vietnam. European, American, etc.

In the next few years, clean room - cleanroom will become a mandatory building code for factories, hospitals, etc. to ensure a safe product production environment for consumers and also to ensure patient safety.

Application of clean room – cleanroom

Pharmaceutical field: Cleanroom - cleanroom will ensure a sterile environment for the production process of drugs and medical equipment, thereby helping these products to be best preserved and not cause complications for patients. patients because of infection problems when using.

Food field: Cleanroom - cleanroom ensures maximum restriction of bacteria produced in the production process, making food better preserved.

Cosmetic field: The high number of bacteria destroys the function of the ingredients in it. This problem will make cosmetics quickly damaged during storage, in addition can cause allergies, skin damage and hair loss for users. At this time, the clean room - cleanroom will help minimize the amount of bacteria during the production process to help the cosmetics be better preserved.

Semiconductor electronics field: Currently, many electronic devices are very demanding in terms of accuracy, with just a small dust particle can destroy circuit boards, electronic chips, etc. Cleanroom - cleanroom will help remove these dust particles so the accuracy of the product is improved.

Hospital operating room: It will be a disaster for the patient if the environment is not completely sterile in the operating room because they will easily contract infection symptoms after surgery. A clean operating room that is absolutely sterile is essential for all hospitals.

Cleanroom – cleanroom can be installed for the entire factory or just a small room that is limited to the area where the production line is located. A factory may have one or several clean rooms - cleanrooms: rooms for production areas, rooms for laboratory areas, rooms for R&D areas, etc.

To construct a clean room - cleanroom, the design and construction experts of the clean room - cleanroom will calculate based on the structure, area, pressure, level of air circulation, ... from there to have a complete design. adjusted and appropriate. Next, they will build a clean room - cleanroom with specialized materials and equipment suitable for clean rooms - cleanrooms with strict requirements during the construction process to ensure tightness, pressure and other requirements. standards for the amount of dust in the room.

In LITHACO, Under the coordination of a team of experienced engineers, workers and especially leading cleanroom air conditioner experts from Japan, we have completed many key projects, strict requirements and urgent progress such as: Factory, Unilever Vietnam, Masan Factory, University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, Khanh Hoi Tobacco Factory, Thanh Thuy Packaging Food Processing Factory, etc.

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