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Potential for development

According to a report from the Department of Management of Economic Zones of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, as of November 2016, there were 324 industrial parks nationwide. Currently, 220 industrial parks have been put into operation along with 104 industrial parks in the stages of compensation, site clearance and basic construction.

Along with the impact from the integration into the world economy and the signing of free trade agreements, especially the TPP Agreement, it will open many development directions, contributing to the development potential of industrial parks. industry in Vietnam.

Vietnam has long become an attractive destination for "foreign businesses" because of its strategic location and abundant labor resources. Many industrial parks were born to meet the increasingly diverse practical needs, and at the same time create professional development. Most of the industrial parks now have quite complete infrastructure, and even the lighting system, the factory is also an advantage to attract investment.

SKEZ – the southern key economic region has 106 industrial parks currently in operation. And this is also the most developed economic region in the country and Long An is known as a province with an extremely attractive investment environment because of its favorable location to help investors access the market in the region. especially the city Ho Chi Minh. In the past few years, investment in Long An province has actually grown quite impressively. Long An has 28 industrial parks, with a reasonable and convenient location close to the city center of Ho Chi Minh City - the most dynamic economic center of Vietnam.

Long Hau Industrial Park - Long An

MEP contractor development trend

Realizing the growing potential of industrial parks and factories, many MEP contractors for the industrial market also develop rapidly. Therefore, finding and choosing a reputable and quality contractor is not easy in the current situation. In that context, Lien Thanh Vietnam Electromechanical Joint Stock Company (LITHACO) has affirmed its own brand, becoming one of the MEP contractors interested and trusted by many investors. After many years of construction and development with a team of experienced engineers, the company Lithaco proud not only to have constructed but also maintained and maintained systems and technical infrastructure for many factories across the country such as: Hoa Sen Phu My Steel Sheet Factory, Schneider Electric Factory, Unilever Detergent Factory , Masan Factory, Pham Nguyen Confectionery & Food Processing Co., Ltd., Lee&Man Vietnam Factory, etc.

Lee&Man Paper Factory with modern fire protection system constructed and installed by Lien Thanh Vietnam Electromechanical Joint Stock Company