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Potential for developing the central air conditioning system market in Vietnam

Today, along with the development of our economy, industrial parks and high-rise buildings appear more and more, the population density in big cities is also increasing. According to a study by the Faculty of Energy, Hanoi University of Science and Technology from the beginning of 2007 to now, the amount of electricity consumed for air conditioning systems in buildings, industrial parks, etc. accounts for 30% to 60% of the total electricity consumption. total energy consumption.
The central air conditioning system is currently a trend and partly solves the problems of the environment, the energy of the manufacturers and the economic problem for the units using the air conditioner. Central air conditioning system is a system that includes one or more central machines that work together to form an overall system to distribute cold to areas in the building.


Central air conditioning:

  • Can be located on the roof (air cooling system) or in the basement technical room (water cooling system)
  • The heat exchanger is located in the air-conditioned room. Typically, ductwork is placed in the false ceiling and distributes cold air through the ductwork, while the louvers are located in the ceiling.
  • The gas pipeline system is located in the technical box and on the false ceiling. Therefore, the installation does not affect the structure of the work.

The cold supply is through the duct system with many mouths blowing from the ceiling to the areas of the air-conditioned room. Therefore, the arrangement of blowers must ensure the ability to diffuse cold air inside the room.

For the central air conditioning system, the replenishment of fresh air is very simple by going through the duct system with an AHU air mixing device to supply fresh air and then mix it with the return air. of each AHU, FCU. This cannot be done by local machines.

For water-cooled systems: The operation process runs stably, less affected by outside temperature.

During operation, the system will automatically adjust the capacity of the compressor to minimize electricity costs. Therefore, operating costs will be significantly reduced for the entire system.

Has durability and long life with more than 15 years

Contractor specializing in the construction of central air conditioning systems

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