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M&E Engineer is a very versatile and useful profession

M&E what? M&E stands for Mechanical and .(understood in Vietnamese to mean mechanical & electrical - which is often abbreviated as branch) electrical engineer).

The M&E system is divided into four main categories:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, gọi tắt là HVAC)
  • Water supply and drainage and sanitary equipment (Plumbing & Sanitary, for short, P&S)
  • Power system (Electrical)
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting system (Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting)

What is the M&E building system?

  • The Mechanical part in the project that occupies a large volume is the category of Air Conditioning and Ventilation (MVAC - Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning) [also known as HVAC]. Other parts of Mechanical also include Fire alarm and Fighting, Plumbing and Sanitary (P&S), LPG and compressed air supply.
  • Electrical part as the name suggests, it includes items related to Electricity: distribution, power supply, lighting, control system, extra low voltage (ELV).

Heavy electricity includes:

Main power supply: is the main power supply system, including medium voltage cabinets, medium voltage lines, 24kV/0.4kV transformers and main switchgear (called MSB, main switch board). May have additional (Automatic Voltage Regulator System: Automatic Voltage Regulator System, AVR for short)

  • System of distribution cabinets: Submain power supply (including power supply for motivation, production, lighting, sockets ...)
  • Living lighting system: Lighting
  • Socket system: Socket outlet
  • Emergency lighting system: Emergency lighting (exit light, emergency light)
  • Earthing system: Earthing system (or grounding system)
  • Lightning protection system: Lightning protection system (including grounding rods and lightning rods, other than the grounding system)

Light electricity includes:

  • LAN and Internet system: Data network system
  • Telephone system: Telephone system
  • Security monitoring system: Security & Supervisior system
  • PA system (public address system) ….

In other words, in a building where the architecture shows the beauty of romantic ideas, the construction part is a strong body, the M&E systems are the healthy "heart" of the building.

What do M&E engineers do?

What is an M&E engineer? ? That is the common name for engineers working in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical works. M & E Engineer It can be understood that Engineers are doing jobs related to the field of M&E, M&E engineers can graduate majors in electricity, refrigeration, electronics, automation, information technology, mechanics, water supply and drainage. , even construction techniques…

The work of M&E Engineers ranges from designing M&E systems, designing construction drawings, supervising construction and installation on construction sites, manufacturing and assembling at workshops such as electrical cabinets, capacitor cabinets, cable tray ladders, pipes. wind…

M&E engineers can do estimating, bidding department (Tender), Project management department, industry human resource training and development, to equipment sales engineer for the cold water power industry. , light electricity.

M&E engineers can also do Mantenance maintenance, consulting and customer service engineering…

Thus, the work of an M&E Engineer is very diverse, but related or even closely related, depending on the specific circumstances, the passion that each Engineer chooses for himself a direction of a job. suitable for you.

The following skills are required for an M&E engineer:

  1. Ability to read and understand M&E drawings
  2. M&E construction methods
  3. Basic knowledge of equipment and tools needed to install M&E
  4. Skills in identifying and distinguishing M&E . materials
  5. Construction drawing skills
  6. Dissection skills, accurate volume calculation
  7. Skills in planning and delegating work
  8. Skills in making test and acceptance documents and explaining the volume
  9. Skills in making payment records and settlements
  10. Skills in making quotations, making M&E estimates…
  11. Skills in using Email, Zalo, Viber, Facebook...
  12. English communication skills.

It seems that all constructions have M&E systems from offices, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, schools, public works such as airports, cable cars, casinos, apartment buildings. high-rise buildings, to industrial plants, even agriculture…

Today, it can be said that M&E engineer is an interesting profession and there are many opportunities for young engineers and young people to satisfy their technical passion and is a profession that can develop their own career.