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The general rule for villas is to use the central air conditioning system with the indoor unit hidden in the ceiling. The cold air flows will be blown through the vents installed on the ceiling and can be hidden inside the ceiling slot to increase the aesthetics of the villas.

Commonly used central air conditioning systems are VRV/VRF central air conditioners or ducted ceiling-mounted air conditioners.

Central air conditioning VRV/ VRF

As the most popular line of air conditioners for villas thanks to many advantages such as:

  • Energy saving: The energy saving factor can be up to 4.41, the highest coefficient among air conditioners.
  • Highly aesthetic: Because the outdoor unit has only 1 to 2 sets, it is easy to install on the terrace, so it can be hidden, and the indoor unit is located inside the ceiling so it can't be seen.
  • Long life: VRV / VRF central air conditioners have a longer life than other air conditioners. It can work stably for 10 to 15 years
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Due to the small number of outdoor units

Ceiling Concealed Duct . – Ceiling Concealed Duct

Ducted ceiling air conditioners also have many advantages such as:

  • Save energy with a factor of 3.8
  • Concealed ceiling indoor unit increases the aesthetics of the interior space
  • The price is about 30% lower than central air conditioner VRV/VRF

In addition, air conditioners with floating ceilings also have some disadvantages such as:

  • For each indoor unit, there must be one outdoor unit, so the number of outdoor units is quite large, which will lead to difficulties in arranging outdoor units, which can affect the aesthetics of the villa.
  • More difficult to clean and maintain because the number of outdoor units is quite large, sometimes scattered in many different areas.
  • Lifespan is shorter than VRV/VRF central air conditioners, range from 7 to 10 years​


Both of the above air conditioners are very prominent and suitable for the space of the villa. However, if you have good financial ability, you should invest in VRV / VRF central air conditioners to save more energy and bring more aesthetics. And in case you want to save costs, you can also invest in a ceiling-mounted air conditioner system because this is also a high-end air conditioner in the line of residential air conditioners.