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Vietnam Lien Thanh Electromechanical Joint Stock Company (Lithaco), formerly known as Dong Lam Engineering Joint Stock Company, was founded by engineers of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology on May 13, 2008. During the early years of establishment, the country's economy faced many difficulties due to the influence of the world economic crisis. However, Dong Lam has stood firmly in the market and is constantly developing, it can be said that Dong Lam has completed its mission in the early stage of starting a business.

Following the above success, the Company is ready to enter a new stage of development with higher goals and more challenges. The company understands that it is necessary to innovate comprehensively from improving customer service capabilities. , improve the skill level of workers, improve the technical and management skills of engineers, innovate the management method and the way of organizing and deploying works according to a new method suitable with the development. development of science and technology, especially internet technology. In addition to the above changes, the Company realizes that it is necessary to renew its own name to express a larger aspiration, a longer vision, a more responsible and clear mission, and at the same time send a The message to all associates and partners is to join together for mutual development and success. And by thinking that Lithaco was born, a small name but with a big message

Inheriting and promoting the initial achievements, the field of activity of Lien Thanh Vietnam (Lithaco) includes the following fields: M&E contractors, design, supply and installation of fire protection, engineering services, supplying electromechanical workers for projects, manufacturing and assembling electrical cabinets and simple mechanical processing.

The Company focuses on four breakthroughs for development including breakthroughs in quality human resources, breakthroughs in technology, modern marketing, and policy breakthroughs.

Besides the above four breakthroughs, the company has identified for itself important missions to orient its development.

First Mission for customers: The company must bring the M&E technology of the G7 countries to apply to the client's projects at a reasonable price and with a dedicated service.

The second mission for the company's employees: The company must become the second home of all associates, and all employees who have a formal contract with the company own shares, the company must turn their associates become true owners.

The third mission for students: the company becomes a practice school for all students who love engineering work, the company will be a place for students to start nurturing their dreams and make those dreams come true.

The fourth mission for shareholders: The business must be profitable and the shareholders who contribute capital must receive a fair share of the profits.

Just like our name, our message is “Link to share benefits” “Link to succeed”, “Lien Thanh Dai Karma”

                                                                                                          Trần Quốc Tâm                        

                                                                                                            (CEO of Lithaco)